22 Visit: Familia Junguito

In 1915 Mateo Inurria made this beautiful memorial for the Junguito family Pantheon, and there are numerous samples of this surname in the cemetery. The monolith, the most striking part, consists of four parts: a base, two sections in marble and then where the Junguito family surname is inserted and the face of Junguito which presides over the structure, and finally a stylish black stone obelisk. Attached to the latter there is a simple white marble cross, which contrasts with the dark background. This funeral monument highlights the relief of the person who presides the pantheon. In this figure the sculptor has managed to give great strength and depth to the look of a serious old man and, on the other hand, emphasizes the delicacy of the roses, even the thorns can be seen. The small floral bouquet is solid, wrapped in a ribbon where the folds can easily be seen. The sculptor Mateo Inurria Lainosa was born in Cordoba in 1867 and died in Madrid in 1924. He entered the Provincial School of Fine Arts at a young age in his hometown. During the 1883/84 course he went to Madrid to study at the Special School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving. In 1901 he was appointed Director of the Upper School of Industrial Arts in Cordoba. Permanent Academic member of the Royal Academy of Science, Arts and Literature of the city. Member of the Academy of San Fernando. He is accredited with numerous and remarkable works. In this cemetery, next to this monument, we can also find the work of Inurria in the “Lagartijo” tomb.



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